United to forge innovative technologiesAbout Us

Yoshikawa Kogyo drives innovation to meet the needs of the times with its technologies honed over a century of partnership in ironmaking.
Respect for people has always been at the core of our corporate passion to serve them.
Building on experience in the steel, engineering, electronics, and ICT industries, we continue to pioneer new frontiers.

Products and Technology

Technologies honed by Yoshikawa Kogyo to meet the needs of the times.

  1. Steel Industry

    Experts at the forefront of Japan's steel industry.

  2. Engineering

    Robust engineering capabilities to underpin manufacturing.

  3. Surface Treatment

    Technical excellence to add strength and beauty to all materials.

  4. Electronics

    Solutions for advancing technologies even further on a global scale.

  5. Information and Communication Technology

    Driving transformational innovations

  6. Technical Development

    Reliable technical development to lead the future.

The united team of professionals at Yoshikawa Kogyo dedicated to build a better future through technology.