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Electronics business

Electronics includes the core technologies of digital household electrical appliances and mobile devices which have been developing in various ways accompanying the technological innovation. The electronics business group of Yoshikawa Kogyo is globally developing a wide variety of businesses such as assembly and testing of semiconductor IC devices for electronic products, precision electronic parts and RFID, providing optimum solution and service responding to the broad needs of customers.

Assembly and testing business for semiconductor IC devices
Having production sites in Miyazaki Prefecture (Yoshikawa Semiconductor Co., Ltd.) and in Bintan Island, Indonesia (PT Yoshikawa Electronics Bintan) near Singapore, we are engaged in the packaging of semiconductor IC devices consistently from probing of wafer, assembly of various kinds of ICs, final test to the delivery of them. Yoshikawa Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd., we are engaged in the design of IC quality, development of IC package and IC test program according to customers' needs. Our group companies and divisions answer to the diversifying market needs as a specialty manufacturer of post-process in the production of semiconductor IC devices.
Semiconductor Sales Division, Yoshikawa Kogyou Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
  • PT Yoshikawa Electronics Bintan
Precision-pressed electronic parts business
According to high-performance, downsizing, thinning and weight-saving in electronic devices including car electronic and home electronic appliances, there have been various demands for electronic parts used in these fields.
Our precision-pressed electronics parts business group supplies high-grade electronic parts to meet customers' needs, utilizing our most-advanced ultra-precision mold-making technology based on our stamping technology, abundant experience and performance accumulated for long years.
Our electronic parts are delivered to world-wide customers; the products are lids and rings for SAW devices dominating a top market share in Japan, ultra-small laminated core for pager motor in mobile phones, terminals for liquid-crystal backlight electrodes, various drawn products, transfer-pressed products and others.

Electronics Business Division, Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Kimitsu Work High Precision, Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa High Precision Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen), China
RFID business
Yoshikawa RF System Co., Ltd., a group company of Yoshikawa Kogyo, is one of very few specialty companies of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) devices in Japan; engaged from development to sale of RFID chips, supplying LSI, tags, reader/writer and products for general-purpose systems. Other than the above, Yoshikawa and our group companies together take part in the development of application, and supply RFID system solutions to private enterprises, governmental agencies and other public offices and communication companies, under fulfilling support system for development.

Sales Administration The First,The Second Division, Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Yoshikawa RF System Co., Ltd.
  • Yoshikawa Systec Co., Ltd.
Hollow plastic package business
Yoshikawa's hollow plastic packages are used in a great range of applications as pre-molded packages for CCD and CMOS image sensors whose market is rapidly expanding as an image pickup device (electronic eye) for DSC, DVC and PDA cameras.
Moreover our packages are excellent in dew condensation resistance, which is one of the indispensable characteristics of electronic eye and, for advanced design technology and high dimensional accuracy obtained from our original molding technology, more than 100-million pieces of products have been delivered throughout the world, enjoying high reputation for the reliability in product quality. We are exerting ourselves to the development of technologies required for next-generation packages as well as to the creation of products giving high added value to the customers' brand.

Electronics precision instrument Business Division, Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

  • Kimitsu Work Yoshikawa High Precision, Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
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