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Time History of Yoshikawa Kogyo History of Yoshikawa's group companies
May 1920 Started the business under the name of Yoshikawa-gumi
(in the premises of Governmental Yawata Steel Works.)
Apr. 1950 Opened Hirohata Branch.
Nov. 1950 Opened Muroran Branch.
May 1951 Changed the organization to a partner corporation, Yoshikawa Kogyosho.
Jun. 1953 Opened Hikari Branch
Feb. 1958 Changed the organization to Yoshikawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1964 Opened Sakai Branch.
Jun. 1964 Opened Nagoya Branch.
Nov. 1966 Opened Kimitsu Branch.
Feb. 1970 Opened Oita Branch.
Aug. 1975 Opened Tokyo Affiliate.
Jun. 1976 Opened Yahata Branch.
Jun. 1978 Opened Wakamatsu Steel Structure Business Office
(present Nittetsu Bridge Co., Ltd.).
May 1979 Opened a work office for Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1982 Opened Thermal Spray Business Office
(present Surface Treatment Business Office).
Nov. 1983 Yoshikawa Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
was founded.
Jul. 1984 Yoshikawa Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded.
Mar. 1985 Yoshikawa Sekkei Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded.
Dec. 1986 Opened Roll Business Office
(present Nittetsu Hyper Metal Co., Ltd.)
Nov. 1987 Yoshikawa Systec Co., Ltd. was founded.
Apr. 1988 Opened Yoshikawa High Precision Center.
Dec. 1996 Yoshikawa Seimitsu Co., Ltd. was founded.
Aug. 1997 PT Yoshikawa Electronics Bintan
was founded.
Feb. 1999 West-Japan Auto Recycle was founded.
Mar. 1999 Yoshikawa RF Systems Co., Ltd.
was founded.
Apr. 1999 Yoshikawa Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded.
Nov. 2000 Constructed a pre-molded package plant in Kitakyushu Factory of Yoshikawa High Precision Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2002 Yoshikawa High Precision Shenzhen Co., Ltd. was founded.
Apr. 2004 East-Japan Recycle was founded.
Jan. 2007 Yoshikawa kogyo RF solution center was founded.

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