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Detachable belt type vacuum packaging machine -YB Series -

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Detachable belt type vacuum packaging machine -YB Series -


Only by placing a product in bag on a belt, the machine automatically fulfills series of vacuum packaging processes from vacuum-packaging, sealing, cooling and discharging. This efficient machine eliminates waste time in processing time and especially brings out efficiency in processing a large number of small bags.

Belt tilting angle can be adjusted by four steps from 0 to 25 degrees, which is ideal for packaging products including liquid.

The machine is equipped with multiple safety measures such as a safety guard mechanism installed before and after vacuum chamber, a defective sealing alarm system, an emergency stop system, and an operation-prohibiting mechanism during maintenance work.

This is a next-generation belt type vacuum packaging machine, meeting various vacuum packaging needs.

A part of the belt is detached easily, which makes it possible to clean the back side of the belt easily, improves sanitary performance from the aspect of food sanitation management.

By the use of stainless steel pipe frames, stain hardly gathers.

The machine has basically a round design and, especially, round plate is used at the corner to which the operator's waist may touch.

Processed fishery products, delicatessen, tsukudani, processed meat, pickles, industrial parts, processed foods, fish cake, drugs, etc.

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