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Pre-molded IC package appearance inspection machine

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Pre-molded IC package appearance inspection machine
This is a machine for checking the appearance of inner lead and judging acceptability in IC chip packaging process.
Pre-molded IC package appearance inspection machine

(1) Using versatile color image processing system, the machine performs the inspection of various shapes of leads, and also responds to the variation of color such as gold plated lead.
Furthermore, two units of color image processing systems are used as a set in order to realize high processing capacity of inspection.
(2) There is a great degree of freedom in sorting magazines according to the inspection result, possible of separated storage depending on the number of no-good packages.
(3) The machine is equipped with a bad-mark marking function to denote defective package. The marking function can be cancelled depending on necessity.
(4) The machine is integrated with an ion blowing unit and centralized exhausting system in order to secure the quality and the cleanness of the work.

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