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Crane yard address management system

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Crane yard address management system
Outline of the system
RFID tags are placed at equal spaces on the traveling and traversing lanes of overhead crane.
A tag-data reading antenna and a controller are installed on the body of overhead crane and traversing device and, based on the tag data of location read by the system, the address of load in overhead crane yard is detected.
By use of this load address, the location and flow of loads are monitored and transmitted to upper level process computer, which controls the incoming and outgoing flow of loads in the overhead crane yard.
Crane yard address management systemPlan view


Digital location data
  • Data processing is easy.
  • No error occurs in measured data.
Rewritable user memory: 128 byte
  • Location data is rewritable.
  • Zone data (product category, work division, dangerous location, etc.) and other data can be added.
Multiple reading
  • Multiple tags (within the range of antenna sensitivity) can be read at a time.
  • User memory can be expanded by piling card tags at the same place.
FRID tag
  • By the installation of tags, physical location is determined.
  • By changing the pitch of installing tags, various location accuracies can be set.
  • Because of induced electromotive tag, no electrical wiring work (for tags) is necessary.
  • Installation and arrangement of tags are easy.
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