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Work results collecting system in ELV dismantling line

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Work results collecting system in ELV dismantling line

The system was introduced to East-Japan Resource Recycle Co., Ltd.

Yoshikawa's ELV dismantling line

Operating method
Easy operation
(1) A card is put on a reader/writer when a work is started.
(2) The card is taken off from the reader/writer when the work is finished.

Data to be collected
  • Process concerned
  • Kind of vehicle (maker, type, model year)
  • Worker in charge
  • Time required
Example of data recovery
Process: Pretreatment
Vehicle: Toyota Mark II, year 2000
Worker: Taro Yoshikawa
Start time: 14:25
Finish time: 14:45
Process time: 20 minutes

Patent pending

  • Actual work results can be collected according to process, vehicle and worker by simple operation (only by putting on the card), free from the influence of environmental factors (water, oil, dust, etc.).

  • The data collected according to type of vehicle and process in Yoshikawa's ELV dismantling system are useful also for automobile manufacturers from the aspect of resource recycling.

  • State of each process can be monitored in real time.

  • Optimum working method can be established based on the collected data.

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