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SBERANT was created in pursuit of safety.
It is a metal sheet with amazing gripping power, made possible by uneven surface with layers and layers of particles. Even at 45 degree angle, you will not slip.
Safe and strong metal sheet
This anti-slipping thermal sprayed metal sheet has high slip resistance because of its appropriate surface roughness.
By utilizing the frictional reaction force on entire foot sole, a person standing on it will feel like attached to it.
The thermal sprayed surface has excellent effect against greasy or slippery surface. SBERANT is used by many users as an ideal means for safety.

Easy installation
Depending on customer's requirement, SBERANT can be cut into desired sizes and installed easily with rivets.
It can also be installed by welding.

No abrasion
Because of using super hard material, it has high anti-abrasion features, keeping long-lasting anti-slip effect.

Over 20 colors to choose from
By combining different colors, it is possible to design your own unique color scheme.
Please choose suitable ones from 20 colors depending on your taste.
Anti-slipping resistance (BPN)
colorActual color may differ slightly.

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