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Metal plated CFRP rolls
CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) means plastics reinforced with carbon fibers; typically used for fishing rods and golf club shafts.

Super light weight
It has only one-fifth of steel, realizing low inertia moment.

Various surface treatment techniques
Metal plating, ceramic thermal spraying, rubber lining are accommodated.

Low thermal expansion coefficient
Thermal expansion coefficient is almost zero, enabling high dimensional accuracy.

Vibration damping effect
It has high vibration absorption features, enabling high damping effect.
The damping time of CFRP is only one-third of that of steel roll in the same size.

Comparison of performance among various rolls
(Diameter 100mm x thickness 10mm x length 1800mm; 981N uniformly distributed load)
Carbon fiber Metals
Material Multi purpose CFRP High elastic CFRP Steel Aluminum
Weight (kg) 4.2 4.7 21.0 7.3
Young's modulus (kg / mm2) 9.3 x 10 3 20.3 x 10 3 21.0 x 10 3 7.2 x 10 3
Bending stiffness (N / mm2) 1.3 x 1011 3.6 x 1011 3.5 x 1011 1.2 x 1011
Total flexure (mm) 0.62 0.22 0.26 0.69
GD2(Nm2) 0.37 0.41 1.86 0.65

Lightweight ceramic guide roller for newspaper printing machine
The roll made of CFRP whose surface is coated with thermal sprayed ceramics and release agent realizes very lightweight and almost no ink adhesion.
Lightweight ceramic guide roller for newspaper printing machine
Metal-plated roll for printing machine
The roll made of CFRP whose surface is plated with copper and chrome realizes lightweight and high hardness at the same time.
Metal-plated roll for printing machine

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