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Ceramic-coated manhole lids
Thermal sprayed coating is applied on the uneven portion.
The convex portion is coated with ceramics, thus it has high anti-slipping features.
We have more than 20 colors. By combining different colors, it is possible to design your own unique color scheme. Please choose suitable ones from 20 colors depending on your taste.
Ceramic-coated manhole lids
Safety of pedestrian first
Manhole lids with resin coating tend to be slippy, and become much slippier when the surface coating peels off.
By the ceramic coating, the surface of color manhole lids has proper roughness which resists slipping.
Therefore, it has high anti-slipping features, which is kept long because of high abrasion-resistance nature of ceramics.

Superior anti-corrosion features compared to resin coating
Until now, manhole lids have been coated with resin materials.
However there has been a problem that its initial beauty cannot be kept for a long time because of fast wear-off and pale-off due to severe conditions on roads.
A new material, ceramics, can overcome these shortcomings.
Ceramics enabled longer life of manhole lids where high degree of anti-abrasiveness is required.

Process of color ceramics coating on a cast iron manhole lid

Base metal of manhole lid
Surface condition of the base metal is checked before conducting treatment.
Blast cleaning
Blast cleaning is to clean the base metal surface and also to improve adhesiveness of thermal sprayed coating.
Thermal spraying for surface preparation
Thermal spraying of metal is conducted on the surface of base metal in order to improve anti-corrosion performance and the effect of adhesiveness of thermal sprayed ceramic coating.
Color ceramics thermal spraying
Smooth and high-adhesive coat is formed; because ceramic particles are supplied into ultra-high temperature plasma arc stream over 10,000C and they are sprayed over the surface of the base metal at an ultra-high speed,
Sealing treatment
Pores on the thermal sprayed ceramic surface are sealed with transparent resin sealant by impregnation in order to prevent corrosion and dirtiness of product.
Cast iron manhole lids with color ceramics coating
Surface quality of product is checked before shipment.

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