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Surface treatment (Thermal spraying / Plating)

We are engaged in thermal spraying for corrosion-resistant, heat resistant and wear-resistant materials, as well as in manufacture of landscape products and non-adhesive thermal sprayed products.

What is thermal spraying?
It is a technology (a method of surface treatment) to improve the quality of material surface, wherein solid matters such as powder and wire are heated and melted into liquid fine particles having several tens to hundreds micrometers of diameter, and made collide with the material surface; the deposited layer of the collided particles forms a film on the material surface.

Feature of
thermal spray
Non-adhesiveness Cylinder jacket for printing machine
Hydrophilicity Ceramic roll for newspaper rotary press
Landscape beautification Ceramic sprayed color manhole lids
Slip prevention Thermal sprayed steel sheet for slip prevention (SBERANT)
Wear resistant Thermal spraying on tunnel framework
Corrosion resistant Water piping bridge

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Water piping bridges
Ceramic sprayed manhole lid
Metal plated CFRP rolls
Cylinder jacket
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