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Lid for quartz / SAW, light, sensor, SMD
In conjunction with mass production of SMD quartz oscillator in 1988, our factory successfully press manufactured stepped lid for the first time. Later, the lid was applied to SAW and light sensor devices, and we have been supplying wide variety of high-quality products to our customers. Especially, to meet the requirements for downsizing and higher performance of mobile phones, mobile PCs, digital cameras etc., we are engaged in research and development of the most advanced processing technologies from raw material selection, pressing, plating to packaging.

We have plate thickness from 0.05t upward. As for surface feature which has influence on laser marking and ink printing, we have various selections such as luster (Ra=0.05m), delustering (Ra=0.13m) and mill grid (Ra=0.15m).

SMD products
Our mass production line is capable of ultra high speed pressing, performing one to several dozen pieces at a time. For trial manufacture or production at a small lot, we have a special trial manufacture line, responding to customer's demand with a short delivery time.

Not only removing burrs generated by press cutting, we have flexible services such as heavy, intermediate and light cutting.

We are continuously improving our technology such as stabilization of surface luster in Ni electrolytic plating, reduction of gas generation during plating process, and lead-free Ni / P plating to meet environment-conscious requirement.

To reduce the problems peculiar to metal parts making, such as adhesion of metal dust and plating dust to final products, we conduct appearance inspection, and the packaging is executed in a clean booth. In addition to bag packaging, we can meet various packaging requirements such as emboss tape, stick and trays.

Lid for regular seam Lid for direct seam Lid for Au/Sn sealant
Shape and appearance
Plating Ni/P, Ni, Ni+Au plating Ni / Kovar / Ni / AgCu cladded Kovar / Au-Sn-Au-Sn-Au plating
Material Kovar, 42 alloy, etc. Kovar, 42 alloy, etc. Kovar, 42 alloy, etc.
Size 1.0 x 1.5 x t~ 1.0 x 1.5 x t~ 1.0 x 1.5 x t~
Thickness 0.05 - 0.20 0.085 Kovar: 0.05 -
AuSn: 10m -

Pressing, plating
Appearance inspection<br>(in a clean room)
Appearance inspection (in a clean room)
Automatic packaging machine (in a clean room)
Automatic packaging machine
(in a clean room)
Bag, stick, pallet, emboss tape
Bag, stick, pallet, emboss tape

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