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Au/Sn plated lid / Au/Sn plating for PCB
We are supplying Au/Sn-plated sealing lid used widely for SAW devices based on our original process, realizing stable sealing effect at low cost. In conventional processes, Au/Sn foil (40m) is pressed into ring form and stuck to a pressed lid (Au flash plated) by reflow soldering. In this process, initial cost is high and, in addition, there has been a problem that control of Au/Sn thickness is difficult and, as a result, product quality is liable to be unstable.
To solve the above problem, we have developed a lid having Au/Sn plated layers; produced through the following processes. We succeeded in producing a material that works as an alloy, by plating Au-Sn-Au-Sn-Au layers directly on a material plate (made by flash plating of Au) and diffusing the plated layers by aging. Furthermore, by pressing the plated material in accordance with required size, uniform Au/Sn thickness can be secured. As for sizes, we can respond from single lid for one package to sheet lid for PCB in sheet.

Die pressing
Au and Sn plated layer
Au:Sn (8:2)
Thickness and size are optional.
Enlarged cross sectional view
Product specifications
Base metal: Kv, 42 alloy, etc.
Thickness: 0.05t - 0.15t
Width: 50, max
Au/Sn thickness: 8m to 20m
Aging + overall Au flash plating
By aging, Au and Sn are diffused. LID

Enlarged cross sectional view
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