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In 1993, we started the research and development of technology for ideal dismantling and recycling of end-of-life vehicles (ELV). In 1996, we succeeded in establishing a brand-new technology and process that broke through the conventional concept and have been advancing in aforesaid business since then.
Labor-saved process
  • Thorough recovery of parts which exert a harmful effect to steelmaking quality enables direct recycling of pressed scrap cubes to steelmaking process
  • Integrated processing from recovery of fluid to pressing of scrap in a compact line
  • Easy handling way by the storage of recovered parts at both sides of the line.
Recycling-oriented process
  • Thoroughgoing recovery of reusable and recyclable parts, realizing a high recycling rate.
Environment-conscious process
  • No generation of ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue), thanks to the shredder-less process

Shredder-less dismantling process
Five processes arranged in line bring about the following advantages.

(1)  Non-ferrous metal parts (wiring, motor, etc.) are recovered, thus producing steel scraps with small copper content.
(2)  Environmental conservation is made by thorough recovery of pollutant materials.
(3)  Hand-picking of parts with original state makes reuse easy.
  [Recycling rate (actual results of WARC): 86.5%- 90%- 98%]
(4)  ASR (Automobile Shredder Residue) is not generated by the introduction of frame pressing method.
(5)  Linear dismantling line improves work efficiency and reduces construction cost.
(6)  Safe working environment and working conditions are secured.
(7)  The system complies with all relevant regulations.

Backed by ample experience, this is the most suitable system for high-level ELV dismantling, meeting the Automobile Recycle Law.

Tact time in each process: 8.5 minute / car, on average

Case example
Yoshikawa's car dismantling line introduced in East Japan Recycling Co. Ltd.


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