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MIC inoculation equipment
This is an inoculation system to dilute bacteria solution and inoculate it to micro plates by use of 96 inoculation pins, completely automating cumbersome processes such as inoculation of specimen to MIC plate and disposal of specimen.

Complete automation for dilution, inoculation and disposal of specimen
Following cumbersome processes in the inoculation of specimen to MIC plate are completely automated.
  • Dilution of specimen
  • Inoculation of specimen
  • Affixing of bar code label
  • Disposal of specimen and bacteria solution tray, and
  • Sterilization of inoculation pin
Efficient specimen inoculating configuration
Specimens are processed efficiently by means of one bacteria inoculating section, two heating sterilizing sections, two cooling sections (one of them is of forced cooling type with filtered fan).
Sticking of bar code label on processed plate
The same bar code label as of specimen is stuck on the side face of processed plates. A bar code reader is also equipped for checking printing errors.

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