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Multi-purpose image processing machine, MEMORY EYE

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Multi-purpose image processing machine, MEMORY EYE
This is a machine developed through the sales activity of colony counter, incorporating the colony-counting function and reducing the cost, in order to answer the demand of customers. MEMORY EYE
System can be setup only by a connection to microscope
The system fulfills microscope-level measurement and displays the result on the monitor screen.

Easy to carry
Lightweight (5 kg) and easy to carry, having a compact body taking little space

Three measurement functionalities
  1. Number of colonies
  2. Area of a colony
  3. Percentage of a colony area

Easy connection to a personal computer
The machine can be connected to personal computers, enabling easy data processing.

Possible of loading external images
Overlapping colonies can be separated and measured; the measured colonies are marked with (+) symbol.

Easy data transfer to personal computer
Data processing is easy with personal computers.

Example of system configuration
Example of system configuration
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