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Inhibitory circle measuring machine, EYEZAS

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Inhibitory circle measuring machine, EYEZAS
This machine is designated for automatic measurement of inhibitory circles for the purpose of determining the potency of antibiotics in pharmaceutical production process. Diameter and area of inhibitory circles grown on agar culture media are automatically measured by our original image processing technology. Result of measurement is outputted to a monitor screen and printed out; outputting to personal computer is also available. The machine was specifically developed for pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and many products have been delivered to those customers over the years and received high marks. It fulfills the processing of a large number of complex potency calculations at high speed. This has been our mainstream product for 17 years. Inhibitory circle measuring machine, EYEZAS
What is potency?
The value pharmaceutical companies eventually seek as an indicator of strength of antibiotics, measured by biological or chemical testing. It is used to determine if a particular chemical compound can be used as antibiotics.

What is inhibitory circle?
Certain bacteria are grown uniformly on the surface of agar culture media, and particular drugs with various concentrations are placed on the culture media. The drugs kill the bacteria and a transparent circle appears depending on the concentration of the drugs. This transparent area is called "clear zone" and forms the inhibitory circle.

Inhibitory circle
Inhibitory circle
High processing speed
One second for each inhibitory circle

Three measurement ways
(1) Two directions
(2) 12 directions
(3) Area equivalent

Multiple calculation methods
(1) Average method
(2) HL method
(3) SC method
(4) Curve method
(5) HH method

Various dish types available
The machine can handle from round petri dishes to large examination plates.

Masse processing
The special-purpose stocker can hold 80 petri dishes for mass processing.

Connection to personal computers
Use of personal computer enables easy data processing.

Objective samples Binarized image of inhibitory circle appeared on agar culture media.
Size Inhibitory circle: 8mm to 35mm
Number of inhibitory circles Round petri dish: 4 to 6
Square petri dish: 7
Examination plate: 80

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