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Colony counter
This is a system to measure automatically the number of colonies grown on a culture medium in petri dish by an image sensor, and display and print out the results by colony size. Colony counter
Five measurement items
(1)Number of colonies
(2)Area of a colony
(3)Shape of a colony
(4)Inhibitory circle
(5)Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)

Detection of colonies of minimum 30m by use of a zooming camera
Any threshold size can be set, and the time of measurement for one colony is only one second.

Loading external images allowed
By use of a designated camera, this machine can be used for microscope vision analysis.

High accurate image processing
Overlapping colonies can be separated and measured; the measured colonies are marked with (+) symbol.

Optimal lighting can be selected.
(1) Reflective lighting
(2) Transmission bright field lighting
(3) Transmission dark field lighting

Easy data transfer to personal computers
Data processing is easy with personal computers.

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