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Automatic colony picking / planting equipment, EYEBIO 103A

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Automatic colony picking / planting equipment, EYEBIO 103A
This is a full-automatic colony picking / planting system, recognizing the location and size of colony (bacteria) on culture media and, based on this information, carrying out picking and planting of colony accurately at a high speed. This equipment was developed for research and development divisions of pharmaceutical companies, and has been widely used for 16 years. Automatic colony picking / planting equipment, EYEBIO 103A
Prevention of contamination
The picking pin is made of hard resin wire and sterilized by heating. It is cut and disposed at the end of each planting.

Capable of handling multi-kind containers
It can adapt to various types of culture media and containers by changing parameters.

Capable of handling multiple planting patterns
It can plant colony to matrix, replica and agar piece planting.

Capable of mass processing
The stocker can hold 150 petri dishes for picking / planting; they are fed and stored automatically.

Inside of the equipment is always clean.
At the end of each process, ultra violet lamp is turned on.

Processing capacity
Sample types Bacteria, yeast, virus and actinomycete, etc. grown on agar culture medium
Size 0.5 to 15.0 mm
Processing time 6 sec / colony
Number of colonies processed 1,000 / petri dish, at max.
Number of dishes processed 125 dishes / cartridge (1 set at picking side, 3 sets at planting side)
Objective colony for colony counting 0.3 to 15.0 mm size of a circle which is identified as colony on a culture medium.

Lighting Transmission bright field lighting
Picking pin Hard resin wire (0.5 mm)
Objective colony 0.5 to 15.0 mm in diameter
Stocker capacity 150 dishes
Number of planting stages 3
Size 1300 (width) x 1170 (depth) x 1100 (height)
Weight 400 kg

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