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Bacteria solution and feces spreading machine

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Bacteria solution and feces spreading machine
This is an automatic specimen spreading machine by use of a disposable picking stick (DISPOESE), wherein a specimen in a test tube or a feces testing tube is picked up and spread to a culture dish. Bacteria solution and feces spreading machine

Both liquid and feces samples can be spread by this machine only.
By switching the operation mode via computer panel, both liquid and feces specimens can be processed.
Possible of setting up to 300 culture dishes with 6 kinds
There are 6 culture dish stockers, each holding 50 dishes. Because the culture dish stockers are placed outside of machine cover, they can be replenished even during automatic operation.
Spreading of specimen by use of DISPOESE
The machine uses DISPOESE to spread specimens.
We have other types, using:
  • Resin stick to spread specimen
  • Feces testing tubes themselves to spread specimen directly (WELLTECH-DS1 type)
Introduction of multi-axes robot
Spreading of specimen is made by a multi-axes robot which controls DISPOESE and by a high speed stage which moves culture dishes in X-axis direction. By use of multi-axes robot, the machine can emulate experienced technician's spreading techniques.

Possible of sorting processed culture dishes into two types
Spread culture dishes are stored in either of the following two storages according to type.
  • Normal storage conveyer (up to 150 culture dishes)
  • Special storage stocker (up to 50 culture dishes).
As the normal storage conveyer, which has larger capacity, is placed outside of machine cover, the dishes can be removed even during automatic operation.

Sticking of bar code label to processed culture dish
Bar code label is automatically stuck on the bottom of processed culture dish.
(Specimen number, processed date, culture dish name, etc. can be printed.)

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