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Roll lifting device
By the use of pre-set function and independent driven sub-beam, the device can lift both naked and chocked rolls independently.

The device consists of the following four components.
  • Lifting tackle to be connected to crane hook
  • Main beam
  • Two sub-beams
  • Four arms for grasping a roll
Roll lifting device
(1) By the pre-set function, the device can be set to the position of grasping a work, by a single-touch operation.
(2) Because sub-beam is driven independently and synchronized, horizontal lifting of a work is possible without individual gravity center adjusting mechanism.
(3) By the introduction of a box structure for beam and detachable oil-less plate, maintainability is improved.
(4) Because the control panel is installed on the main body, the wiring between crane and lifting device becomes simple.

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