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Palletizing and stretch-film packaging machine
This is a full automatic packaging machine to pile individual packages and wrap them all with stretch film. Palletizing and stretch-film packaging machine

Package piling method
  • Vacuum arm pick up one, two or three packages, and four-axis robot arm stacks them neatly.

Film wrapping method
  • By the use of a power stretcher, stretch film is expanded to twice its original size, assuring neat wrapping.
  • By the use of proportional control with a potentiometer, film-feeding speed is adjustable.
  • By the use of an inverter, up-down speed of film feeder is variable.

Package stocking method during wrapping
  • Package coming in during wrapping operation are stocked beforehand by a vertical conveying stocker.

Prevention of pile collapse
  • To prevent the collapse of packages during piling, robot cylinders are installed in four directions. To prevent collapse while the lifter is lowering, spring-arm robot cylinders with roller casters are attached in four directions.

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