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Bottom-dump bucket
What is a bottom-dump bucket?
Bottom-dump buckets are used:
(1)For collecting scraps generated in various plants of steelmaking works
(2)For collecting waste generated in dismantling sites
(3)For collecting lightweight cutting chips and heavy scraps
Various types of buckets are available according to application.

Conventionally, when reloading the content such as scrap of a bucket to a vehicle or a vessel, the bucket was turned upside down as a general method. In this method, because an operator must come near the bucket, there have been some accidents such that an operator gets pinched between bucket and loading platform, a released hook hits an operator, or an operator injures his hand when changing hooks. To solve those problems and also to realize the safest and most labor-saving device, our bottom-dump buckets have the following features.
Bottom-dump bucket1

Bottom-dump bucket2

Open and close by one finger touch
Smooth opening or closing operation is possible only by setting or releasing the lock pin.

Safe and labor saving
Because of no need of climbing up to truck loading platform and come down, an operator can enjoy safety and labor saving.
Because the bucket opens slowly, there is less flying of contents.

Reduction of working time by one-person operation
Because of no need of changing wire when the bucket is turned upside down, one-person operation is possible, reducing the working time significantly.

Bottom-dump bucket3
Steel scraps, plastics, etc.

Industrial waste
Woodchips, concrete waste, disposed tires, etc.

Cans and bottles

Delivery track record
Customer Number of units Year delivered
Nippon Steel Corporation Yahata Works 500 1987-
Nippon Steel Corporation Kimitsu Works 3 1999
Nippon Steel Corporation Hirohata Works 1 1999
Plant & Engineering Division 19 1988-
Ibaragi City Environmental Center 6 1998
Environment & Waterworks Division 4 2001
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6 1996
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd. 5 1997-
Osaka Steel Co., Ltd. 5 1999
Godo Steel, Ltd. 3 1999
Kawasaki Steel Corporation 6 1997-
Nittesu Kenzai Co., Ltd. 6 1989-

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