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Environmental plan
Our approach
We instituted in 2003 the Environmental Policy in which our stance on the environmental activities was manifested.
In all the branches and business places, environmental activities are carried out to suit their respective circumstances. In the principal office, the Environment Management System according to ISO14001 was introduced and activities are implemented thereon. Activities benefited from this system include the use of the system to guarantee products free from substances banned by clients who, in consideration of the impact on the global environment, pursue green purchasing and require such guarantee. We are also carrying out resource and energy saving activities so as to contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

We recognize that the global environmental issues are important common issues of mankind. From this standpoint, we aim to maintain natural environment and conduct business activities which contribute to build a rich society harmonious with the environment. Taking advantage of our history of starting a business in recycling steel scraps, we contribute to the global environmental conservation by promoting resource and energy saving in the wide range of our business including recycling of automobile materials.

Guidelines for environmental activities
In every aspect of our business, we will implement the environmental management system and continue to improve it in accordance with the guidelines as mentioned below. Emphasis is put on the guideline-based environment management for production and delivery of our products.

(1) We will promote, from eco-conscious standpoint, environmental management with the involvement of whole staff in the courses of production, control, development and delivery of our products and in providing services within our business field of iron and steel, electronics, processing and engineering.
(2) We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations and accords and establish in-house rule so as to improve our management system.
(3) We will guarantee our all products to be supplied to clients free from substances banned by them.
(4) We will establish a framework which promotes environmental protection by controlling solid wastes, waste water and emission gas generated from our production and controlling activities in order to continuously minimize impact to the environment.
Specifics of the activities are;
(i) To pursue efficiency improvement of production equipment and its auxiliaries, thus to realize energy saving.
(ii) To pursue efficiency improvement and waste elimination of business operation, thus to contribute to resource saving.
(iii) To promote re-utilization through reuse of resources such as recycling of waste materials.
(iv) To prevent environmental contamination by proper handling of chemicals and hazardous substances
(5) We will set up environmental goals and assess or review their achievements, thus to sustain advancement.
(6) We will make the Environmental Policy known to the whole staff by means of environmental education, in-house publication etc.
(7) We will disclose to the public the Environmental Policy if so required.

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